CMS Authoring Guide


Welcome to a brief guide to CMS authoring. This section of the site primarily focuses on providing examples and some guidance on authoring using the latest versions of CMS controls so it assumes familiarity and some experience with authoring in the CMS.

Feel free to dive in using the navigation below, this part of the site is only accessible to CMS users, is brand new, and is for now being actively authored with the latest information on using CMS controls on the corporate website.

What's new?

The following content/features have recently been implemented or updated. We'll post the latest updates to things here so you might find it useful to check back here from time to time.

Flexible Panel Image Blocks

We've added a first round of image blocks to the Flexible Panel controls. You can use these to add a single image to a page using a number of different display styles. Take a look at the example page.

Image Block Examples

New List Item Blocks

We've added some new view options for list item blocks including two and three column grids with left and centre aligned options, images and CTA's optional. They kinda look like this, since this is an example of them.

List Block examples

Course Marketing Description

We have added a new property to Course details to show a Marketing authored summary for a course.

Update Course Summaries

Flexible Panels

Flexible panel controls are designed to give users the control to create responsive content using a full width page layout while giving control over the space and alignment of the content placed on the page.

Course Pages

Following the update to the presentation of the Course pages in Summer 2021 we are now working on further improvements including additional authoring options and features. We'll be keeping you up-to-date on progress and this page will keep track of progress and demonstrate how to author course details.


When adding images to the CMS in Media Manager, there are a few things you can do to make sure your images load quickly and are accessible.

Accessibility Updates

We are constantly working on improving the accessibility of our content. You can find information on the latest improvements and guidance on creating accessible content on the corporate site here.