BCU175: Birmingham School of Art and the Pursuit of ‘Taste’: Some Personal Reflections and Objections

BCU175: Birmingham School of Art and the Pursuit of ‘Taste’: Some Personal Reflections and Objections
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27 Sep 2018 (4:00pm - 6:00pm)

Birmingham School of Art: Margaret Street

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BCU175: Birmingham School of Art and the Pursuit of ‘Taste’: Some Personal Reflections and Objections

Nick Stanley – a professor in art education at BCU for many years until his retirement – will give the first lecture in a series as part of the university’s celebration of the founding of the institution in 1843. In his talk Nick will explain some of the origins of what became the School of Art, discuss its historical context and the vastly changing circumstances of art & design education in the United Kingdom over this long period. Nick will include fascinating photographs and other visual materials relating to the history of the School of Art in his lecture.

Following Nick's lecture a panel of speakers will discuss the past, present and future of the art school. This will include:

  • Professor Alison Honour,  PVC Dean, ADM
  • Professor Andrew Kulman
  • Dion Kitson (student)

 Chaired by Jonathan Harris

There will also be an opportunity to view the Everyday Legend: Reinventing Tradition in Contemporary Chinese Art exhibition which draws upon the mix of traditional Chinese heritage and modern industrialisation.

The installation has been crafted by Professor Joshua Jiang, Head of Research at Birmingham School of Art, and features artworks from four leading artists, Hu Xiaoyuan, Liu Jianhua, Yu Ji and Zhao Zhao.

All welcome.

Birmingham City University is celebrating 175 years at the heart of Birmingham life. The University's rich history – dating back to 1843 with the founding of the Birmingham Government School of Design – has helped it to become the biggest provider of creative courses in the UK outside the South East (HESA 2016/17).

The University will be celebrating its 175th anniversary in the Autumn with a number of high-profile events encompassing the breadth of talent and creativity across all disciplines. The events will reflect on the past, present and future of the University and the city.

Nick Stanley biography
Nick Stanley is an Honorary Research Fellow, at the Department of Africa, Oceania, The British Museum, since 2010 and an Emeritus Professor at Birmingham City University Faculty of Arts, Design and Media. Prior to that date he was Director of Research at BCU for fifteen years.

Among his most recent publications are: 'Some Friends Came to See Us': Lord Moyne's 1936 Expedition to the Asmat, London, British Museum Research Publication 206. 2016, (freely downloadable); 'Walkabout: the Voyage of the MV Rosaura in the Land between the Pacific and Indian Oceans led by Lord Moyne, November 1935 to April 1936' Royal Anthropological Institute, London, 2018, 35 minute film, (director and producer); 'Kawé ancestor figures from the Fos River area of Keenakap District, Asmat' in N. Thomas (ed) The Art of the Pacific, Royal Academy, London, 2018 (catalogue); and 'An anthropological vision for the future of art education' in D. Garnet and S. Sinner (eds) Towards a Theory of Culture as a Foundation for Art Education Rotterdam, Sense Publishers (forthcoming).