10 Top Tips for Packing to Move to University

Are you moving to university, but fear packing? Preparation ahead of moving day is key to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed or have that dreaded thought of ‘what did I forget?!’ It can be tricky knowing exactly what you’ll need, so here are our top tips to have a fuss-free day.

1. Break down the task of packing

Packing always takes longer than you think. By breaking the task down and packing bit by bit each week, it becomes less stressful the closer you get to moving day. Creating lists are a great way to keep track of what you’ve bought and if it’s packed.

2. Create an easy to access bag

You will probably end up with more bags and boxes than you thought, so it’s a smart idea to keep a separate bag for items you will want easy access to. This could include things like toiletries, cleaning supplies, chargers and important documents. Creating a snacks bag to keep energy high and beat hanger is also just as important!

3. Don’t bring the kitchen sink!

If you can get into contact with your flat mates before you move in, check what you are each bringing to save valuable cupboard space. Otherwise, you could end up with four blenders! We also recommend bringing only a few cups and cutlery sets as you won’t need lots.

4. Pack clothing on the hangers

Instead of bringing bulky suitcases, packing clothing already on its hanger in sturdy bin bags (yes, bin bags) means you will be able to quickly unpack them, whilst also saving car boot space as the bags will be able to fit where boxes can’t! Also, think about the season you are moving in and don’t bring all of your wardrobe.

5. Consider storage space

Uni rooms can be notorious for minimal storage. However, you can maximise the space you have by bringing door hooks to hang up items, wardrobe dividers to store folded clothing and under bed boxes for extra space.

6. Room decorations

Bringing décor to make it feel more homely will help you settle into your new home. Things such as photos, lights and blankets can make the room feel more you. A portable speaker is a great item to bring to play music with your flat mates.

7. Vacuum pack bedding

By vacuum packing your bedding and larger soft furnishings, this will ensure you have maximum car space and will allow for easy transportation to your new room. We also recommend making the bed last, as you will want it to stay clean whilst you organise everything else!

8. First-Aid and Medicine kit

The freshers flu phenomenon can surprise you, so it’s a good idea to pack a first-aid kit alongside medication to have on hand in case you or your flat mates get sick. It’s also important to register with a GP practice nearby, to go to the doctor if needed.

9. A clothes airer

A clothes airer will be so handy to dry your clothing or linen on and will save you spending money on the dryers!

10. Triple check your documents and plan the journey

Ensuring you have the correct paperwork and ID means you avoid any awkward conversations upon arrival to collect your keys. It’s also important to check the move-in policies, such as arrival slots or places for parking. Take the time to pre-plan your route to university, to ensure a smooth journey and to factor in service station stops.

Finally, you are moving to a city (not another planet) and there are shops all around Birmingham city centre just a short walk away to buy anything you’ve forgotten! By planning ahead, you can be sure to have a smooth move in day and more importantly, meet your new flat mates!