Dawn Parke

Course Director BA (Hons) Design for Future Living, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture and Level 5 School International Lead

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design

Dawn’s educational and work experience crosses the disciplines of landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, product design and garden design.

She has been involved with projects at local and international scales across these disciplines. For example, she has worked on small domestic architectural projects in the UK and large-scale urban public realm developments in the Middle East. Dawn’s interdisciplinary design experience has strongly influenced her teaching approach which encourages design concepts that can both transcends scales and extend beyond the boundaries of any one design discipline.

Dawn’s knowledge and skillset in conceptual, spatial and technical design in both the public and private realm are invaluable in supporting students across the theoretical, technical and design modules she delivers.

Her current research in Education for Sustainable Development is intertwined with her teaching practice within Landscape Architecture, Design for Future Living and across the school through collaborations and extra-curricular initiatives such as the Experimental Sustainability Studios. Dawn has been nominated as a finalist in the ‘Sustainability Champion’ category of Green Gown’s International Awards, for her work in this area.

Dawn has extensive experience in transnational education as former course director for the BA (Hons) Visual Communication at BIFCA in Wuhan, contributor to delivery at SHAPE in Hong Kong and in her current International Lead for Birmingham School of Architecture and Design.

Work With Industry