Why choose Higher Education?

Higher Education can give you many transferrable skills and can open up many new opportunities. It can help your son or daughter in several ways:

Developing skills and subject knowledge

  • Employers look at your skills as well as your qualifications - Employers are not just looking at the qualifications you gain, but also the other skills like willingness to learn, time management, social skills, independence, self-motivation and communication skills - all skills that you develop when you’re studying for a degree.
  • We have over 300 courses at Birmingham City University - A higher education qualification is necessary for some careers. A degree programme can help students develop their subject knowledge if they have a specific career in mind, give them a greater career choice, greater job flexibility and the opportunity for higher earning potential.

Enhancing career prospects

  • Graduates are less likely to be unemployed than non-graduates
  • Graduates earn more over their lifetime than non-graduates.
  • Gives them more of a chance of promotion

Experiencing university life

  • Independent learning
  • Meeting new people from all over the world
  • Freedom
  • Self-motivation
  • New challenges
  • Balancing study and social life
  • Self-discipline
  • Growing confidence