Lynn Fulford

Associate Dean for Student Experience
 Business, Law and Social Sciences

Lynn is leading the Communication and Training Group which is helping to implement the University's new attendance monitoring system. Lynn explains how the new system will work and how it will help improve the support offered to students.

How will the new Student Attendance Monitoring system work?

"The University has always monitored attendance, so the new system builds on existing practice but is designed to make things easier, quicker and more accurate. Tutors will be able to use students’ University identity cards to register their attendance quickly and accurately so that there is no need for paper-based registers."

Why do you think it’s important to the University?

"Attendance at taught sessions is a really important part of helping our students to be successful and it also helps them to prepare for the professional expectations of employment. The new system will help us monitor attendance so that we have accurate records but, more importantly, will enable us to identify and support students who are missing sessions regularly.

Often, students who miss sessions experience difficulties with their course, so this will help staff to provide students with appropriate support. At a strategic level, attendance monitoring is one strand of our strategy to help students remain at the University, progress quickly and achieve their academic goals."

How will staff be trained in the use of the system?

"The training process has already begun. Admin teams in all Faculties are inputting data into the system so that group lists can be in place for early October when the system goes into operation. Faculties are also working with the Project Team to ensure that relevant staff are fully trained."

What sort of things can staff look forward to?

"Once the system is up and running, the new system will provide a quicker and more accurate way to monitor attendance than the old paper based process."

How will the new system help improve the student experience?

"Attendance at scheduled sessions is one way in which students can ensure success on their courses. Monitoring attendance electronically will help course teams offer speedy support to students who may be experiencing difficulties that often manifest themselves in poor attendance."