Too Much Information

These resources can be used alongside either the materials where students are discussing the specifics of their role

For example, when:

  • Housing students are considering homelessness and what the legal rules are;
  • Trainee teachers are considering the curriculum for GCSE or A and AS levels;
  • Radiography students are considering preparation of patients;
  • When aspiring web designers are considering setting up in business and identifying prospective clients and what they will need

Or when students are:

  • considering personal and professional skills development;
  • preparing for placements;
  • discussing their own clientele and their needs, etc.

Because students often wear ‘blinkers' when considering if materials are relevant to their subject areas the different scenarios allow students from a range of related disciplines to make connections with these various scenes. After looking at the scenario most closely related to their area of study, students can be encouraged to review the other scenarios, where they might now stand in the client's shoes and consider the approach to communication which could have been adopted.

Discussions can the focus on the balance between the information the professional needs to know in order to be effective and how they assess the needs of and communicate with their client groups.

Exercises for active listening and for sorting and selecting the appropriate information to suit the needs of the client can be found above.

Using the biographical materials, students can also create and enact role plays where they consider how they might have helped rather than hindered Sally if they met her.