Too Much Information

This set of short scenarios emerged from discussions with employers from a range of disciplines who commented on the problem of weaning graduates from the behaviour that has been instilled in them by the typical assessment process.

When asked to give advice a novice is likely to recite everything they know on the topic. Although the information is usually correct, it is not the key elements the client needs at that stage.

Students are encouraged to put themselves in the place of the client to recognise the difference between being told the ‘textbook' response and receiving relevant helpful advice.

Resource consists of: Audio files and cartoon strip showing 4 different contexts (housing, health, ICT and education) and an accompanying pdf containing still images and useful teaching notes.

Skills addressed

Customer focus, active listening and providing relevant answers.

This resource uses the format of a DVD with stills images and audio creating a number of ‘strip cartoons' which tell the story of the experiences of one woman when she meets with a number of newly qualified professionals. There will also be a booklet containing the cartoon strips and some suggested ways that the resources can be used in the classroom.

A brief description of the materials

There is a brief biographical element to set the scene - our ‘client' Sally Wilson tells you something about herself and why she is about to encounter four newly qualified professionals.

There are four different scenarios where Sally encounters these professionals:

  • The Parents' Evening
  • A Housing Crisis
  • The Hospital Appointment
  • The Web Designer's office

After each encounter there is a short clip where Sally explains how each of the experiences made her feel.