Project team

  • Dr Celia Popovic
  • Ruth Lawton
  • Professor Anne Hill
  • Dr Carmen Tomas
  • Jenny Eland
  • Dr Nick Morton

Project Board

  • Deborah Walthorne, DWA Housing
  • Zoe Wakeman, Eversheds
  • Chris Jones, Dudley Performing Arts
  • Keith Stubbs, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO)
Birmingham City University faculty or department members
  • Andrew Saxon
  • Chris Conway
  • David Saint
  • John Kirk
  • June Dumbill
  • Keith Hodgetts
  • Mike Jackson
  • Mike Wilkes
  • Patricia Fell
  • Peter Wilby
  • Rachel Curzon
  • Rachel Moule
  • Stuart Brand
  • Mel Moore
  • Steve Hunt
Other institutions
  • Geraldine McManus: South Birmingham College
  • Arti Kumar and Rob Manton: University of Bedfordshire
  • Rob Ward: Centre for Recording Achievement
  • Paul Kleiman and Ralph Brown: Palatine-HEA Subject Centre for Dance, Drama and Music
  • Diana Eastcott: Independent Consultant
Student representatives
  • Oz Hetherington
  • Paul Chapman

Media production

Natalie Ann Hinchley

Rod Dungate: Personal Performance

Synchronicity TV

Design and production of packaging

Simon Grigg of 'Think Creative'