The Networking Game

Student feedback

"I learnt a lot. Not something that I would usually think about until the day before the event."

"The questions were very relevant and often made me have to think quickly."

"The game was fun, incorporating discussion between the players and the entertainment of a board game."

"The pink cards give the most fun."

"The board game added in the element of randomness that might be experienced in a networking situation - having to think on the spot."

Lecturer feedback

A lecturer from Middlesex University fed back after using the game with her students: "Thank you Ruth for making such a fantastic resource available. The students really enjoyed the interactive nature of the networking exercise and engaged really well with the questions. There was a great deal of laughter and high energy levels in the sessions, and students valued the opportunity to self direct their leaning in groups, sharing insights and experiences with each other. At the end, they also provided some very constructive feedback for taking the exercise forward. From a facilitation point of view, I really valued the resources, lesson plan and instructions - which provided great ideas and structure for my own sessions. Thank you so much for making such an excellent set of resources available to other students."

Jon Boyes, Trainer and Support Officer with the Careers and Employment Service at University of Exeter said: "I just wanted to thank you for making this available. I have now used the Networking Game on several occasions with undergraduates and it has been a great success. I usually prefer to devise my own training resources but was stuck for ideas for a session on Networking and this ticked all my boxes (participative and interactive, fun, good for small groups, etc). Great idea."

"I ended up just using the cards and running the session a bit like a quiz with teams competing against each other and the whole group judged the interactive answers given. It worked well like this as it sparked debate and we discussed some tactics that they could adopt in the scenarios given" Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University with Level 5 students

If you use the resource we would like to hear your views, both from teachers and students. Please use the evaluation forms here, and send to: Creating Futureproof Graduates, EDS, Birmingham City University, City North Campus, Perry Barr, Birmingham B42 2SU.