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Doing business with us

We purchase a wide range of goods and services and have a number of centrally agreed contracts. Our Procurement Team is responsible for running tendering activities and awarding supplies, services and works contracts. We are committed to promoting good procurement practice across the University to support the effective and efficient use of resources.

We also have access to a variety of public sector consortium framework agreements and are a member of the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC).

Where we have a supply requirement that cannot be fulfilled by an existing contract or framework agreement we may invite either competitive quotes or tenders from suppliers. The exact process used and whether or not it is publically advertised will depend on the value and complexity of the requirement.

All opportunities above the relevant EU tender value threshold will be advertised on the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) accessed via the Tenders Electronic Daily website. Any supplier may access this website and may sign up for tender alerts (see link below).

Fraudulent purchase orders

We have become aware of a fraud scam which involves purchase orders and requests for product quotations that purport to originate from the University but are in fact fraudulent.

While Birmingham City University cannot prevent fraudulent activity, we are supplying the Police with details to investigate the matter as we become aware of specific instances. We want to alert you to a fraud scam that is targeting existing and potential suppliers of equipment to the University, as well as other Universities and businesses in the UK. Please take the necessary precautions so that you are not a victim of this scam.

Download guidance on fraudulent purchase orders

Dealing with Suppliers

Suppliers are an important part of the system that enables the University to carry out its everyday functions.

Our suppliers are a vital source of goods, services and expertise and should be dealt with in a manner that ensures the most effective use of their specialties and upholds the highest standards expected within public life. All dealings with suppliers should be governed by the following principles:

Transparency - provide true and fair information to suppliers and be clear on what is wanted and why.

Integrity - all suppliers must be treated fairly and equally, and interactions should always be for the benefit of the University. Under no circumstances are personal inducements or gain acceptable and supplier relationships must not be so close that open and fair competition is compromised.

Respect - suppliers and their representatives are doing their job and should be treated with consideration and professional courtesy.

Discretion - information provided by suppliers is confidential and under no circumstances must legal documents, technical solutions, detailed specifications or pricing information be released to other suppliers or third parties, without express prior agreement.

Dealings with Suppliers as part of a Tender:

Competitive tendering is an established means of attracting interest from the market and of demonstrating value for money.

For tendering to be effective competition must be real and follow a process that ensures bona fide bids are submitted.

For formal tenders conducted under the Public Contract Regulations 2015, mandatory and proscriptive rules apply and the highest standards must be observed

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Terms of Business

All Birmingham City University orders shall be placed under our standard terms and conditions.

Download our terms and conditions for the purchase of goods and services

Sustainable Procurement

Find out more about the University’s Sustainable Procurement Policy.

Contact us

In the interests of sustainability, prospective suppliers are kindly asked to refrain from sending in brochures or marketing material by post.

Call: +44 (0)121 331 5714 or +44 (0)121 331 7652.