Zahra Moledina

Zahra Moledina Profile My work includes a blend of collage, print-making and the element of a recycled surprise

The work I create takes form of 3D characters which is then photographed and used as illustrations in children's books I write myself. Also, being the founder of Meraki Workshops has enabled me to communicate with various courses and build networks for future work.

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Fly Fairy - Wren Fly!
Fly Fairy - Wren Fly 01
Fly Fairy - Wren Fly!
Fly Fairy - Wren Fly! Fly Fairy - Wren Fly

The research I carried out for my dissertation was used to create the story line for this book. A book for neurotypical children who are learning about autism. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this book from scratch; the research, which broadened my mind and educated me in an area I never really thought about in depth before. The research carried out led me to several placements such as; Autism West Midlands, Holy Souls Primary School, Birmingham centre for art therapy and an internship in Washington DC at Tracy's kids. I really feel that doing this project has made me grow as a person and has opened my mind about what I'd like to do in the future. The illustrations I created for this book were 3D, which were then photographed and placed into the book as 3D illustrations with a handwritten typography. My final major project is a sequel to this book.