Lesley Imgart

Lesley Imgart Profile I am a multi-faceted visual communicator, with a portfolio that ranges from commercial design to narrative illustration.

Born and raised in Germany, I came to the UK in 2013 to study at BIAD.I'm passionate about telling stories, and my strength lies in communicating subject matter in a clever and appropriate way. Although I work almost entirely digitally, my sketchbook stays with me through it all, keeping that rough and sketchy edge to my work.

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Narratives from lifeNarratives from life

One of the 2016 D&AD briefs was set by Shutterstock and asked for entries that tell stories from everyday life, especially to show the relationship between powerful narratives and story tropes. I used this series to explore how mental health issues are treated in society, and especially how those affected and their families can deal with it. Struggles like depression are often largely invisible, and it was challenging to display this contrast between light and dark, the seen and the unseen and the monsters and heroes.

Tales of NonsenseTales of Nonsense

This is one of the two pages from my entry for the 2016 Cheltenham Illustration Award. The open brief was themed around "nonsense". I developed a narrative that is nonsensical, yet seems oddly familiar to everyday life. With this subtle, yet thought-out reponse I wanted to capture how common and identifiable the feeling of being alienated in society is. By not taking the characters too seriously and breaking the page up with typography and flat colours, it can appeal both as a narrative and as a full image.


Live drawing is a consistent inspiration to my work. Watching people and drawing from life has proven beneficial for my technical and observation skills and my sanity.

The UK in EuropeThe UK in Europe

Part of a series illustrating the complex relationship between the United Kingdom and Europe. With the EU Referendum set in June 2016, the controversial debate has been blurred by propaganda and paranoia. I found it interesting how the UK's national identity often separates itself from Europe. I tried to examine it in the context of a greater European identity. I wanted to focus on the similarities in culture and values and highlight positive aspects of the relationship.

How To Be A Woman Book CoverHow To Be A Woman Book Cover

My entry for the 2016 Penguin Adult Fiction competition. I aspired to combine handwritten typography with a simple and striking idea. The illustration revolves around the concept on women making their own choices, and "cutting through" social norms. As the book was both an introduction to feminism and a humorous biography, I strayed away from traditional feminist imagery to create something more modern.

Spectacled BearSpectacled Bear

I worked on a series of images detailing different species of bears, including the Spectacled Bear . In this editorial cover, I am showing the loss of the bear's natural habitat, which is mainly due to deforestation driven by agriculture.

High Sheriff CeremonyHigh Sheriff Ceremony

I was asked to be a live court room illustrator to capture the appointment of the Midland's 2016 High Sheriff. It was a great honour to be there. I also edited and coloured some of the illustrations afterwards as they were being collected for a book.

Christmas CardChristmas Card

A self-directed project during which I created a number of Christmas themed items for the holidays 2015. This particular pattern example combines a number of characters and was sold as a greeting card.