Laura Bevins

Laura Bevins

I’m Laura, an illustrator based in the UK. I mainly use Photoshop for my work but I also dabble in other media.

When I’m not creating I spend my time playing the keyboard, reading, trying out new vegan brownie recipes and building a mansion for my gerbil, Charlie.

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Secret 7 - Two FacedSecret 7 - Two Faced

This was an entry for the Secret 7" competition. The aim was to interpret a particular song and present the final on a vinyl sleeve. I wanted to depict the abstract emotions of the song.

Dragons Don't Like CupcakesDragons Don't Like Cupcakes

This is a page from my children's book, "Dragons Don't Like Cupcakes." Horace the dragon becomes bored of collecting gold and decides to find something new to hoard!

Binka and the LionBinka and the Lion

This is a page from a commissioned children's book that I was asked to illustrate. Binka the jungle exploring cat comes across a scary lion with a bad tooth!

Secret 7 - Second entrySecret 7 - Second entry

This was my second entry for the Secret 7" competition 2016. I continued with the abstract theme in order to depict the emotion of the song.