Alexandra McCarthy

Alexandra McCarthy profile I am a Birmingham based illustrator who attended Birmingham City University, where I received a BA Honours in Visual Communication in Illustration. 

I specialise in character design, narrative, animation and commercial illustration. I love to incorporate my quirky personality and sense of humour into my work as much as I can. Humour and positive thinking flow throughout my work. I was short listed for the ‘Baby First Steps Visual Communication Award’.  

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Sit and Be Cute Android Game
Sit and Be Cute Android Game
Sit and Be Cute Android Game Sit and Be Cute Android Game

Cats are at their cutest when they are sitting in basket! This Game is perfect whether you’re sitting on the train having a break or waiting around. The aim of the game is to see how long you can keep Mittens, Buttons, Marmalade and Keith in the Basket if one gets loose it’s all over . Use your finger you drag and drop the cats into the basket as fast as you can with our leader boards you can now play against your friends! The concept of the game is to use your finger to drag and drop the cats back into the basket and if you let them escape it's game over! There are leaderboards via Amazon Gamecircle so you can play against your friends. The game was designed and created by myself but was programmed by Ashley Spencer.

The Stress that is Jess ZineThe Stress that is Jess Zine

A zine about my mischievous cat Jess.

The Stress that is Jess Zine PageThe Stress that is Jess Zine

This is one of the pages from my zine The Stress that is Jess.

Faulty Wires Faulty Wires

I created a twenty four paged comic based around my own experience with developing epilepsy as a child and called it Faulty Wires the title relates to the amount of wires used when being tested and linking to how your brain is wired up. The comic is more of a personal project but I did intend it to be relatable to others who are or have gone through dealing with the condition of epilepsy or any condition that makes you lose control.

Emil and the Detectives Book CoverEmil and the Detectives Book Cover

This is was entry for the children's cover award for the 2016 Penguin Random House Design Awards.

Baby Wear DesignsBaby Wear Designs