Waheeda Rahman

Waheeda Rahman Profile An aspiring animator and illustrator who focuses mainly on 2D keyframe animation and lots of artsy paintings in both traditional and digital mediums.

Has also had previous animation experience with Yamination/Sky arts, Dice Productions/Nickleodeon, MomoYama and 2nd home studio.

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Ava 2014

Ava 2014Ava 2014

This was the beginning of my process for the 2D animated short called 'AVA' I wanted to create a story based on a relatable experience which I'm sure many of us have felt in the past at least once. The feeling of working hard towards a set goal but not being able to achieve it whilst feeling like everyone else is excelling.

Ava Animatic 2014

Ava 2015

Ava 2015Ava 2015

Redesigning the main character in a more stylised look that would be more efficient to draw in my traditional "keyframed" 2D animated film.


Ava 2016

All animations are hand drawn in the traditional "keyframing" way

Ava 2016 Storyboarding

Ava 2016 StoryboardingAva 2016 Storyboarding

)ne of the many other storyboarding pages I have created for my final major film 'AVA'.

Ava 2016 Animatic

Music by Daniel Hines

Ava 2016 sneak peak