Chris Mair

Chris Mair ProfileA love of design and photography.

I started my 3 year journey as a graphics design student, however, I learnt quickly that a love for moving image/ narrative storytelling in combination with all the things I have explored was my path to come.

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FABRIC: Poster Design

FABRIC: Poster DesignFABRIC: Poster Design

This first poster was done by taking a still image from a 2.5k video shot on a Black magic cinecam and then edited in photoshop. For the promotional work for my Final year film I wanted to have a range of different posters. I started off by making some quick Olly moss inspired ones and then worked with Aidan Mooney from the Graphic Design side of VisCom towards the second poster.

FABRIC: Title design

FABRIC: Title designFABRIC: Title design

During this year I had explored a different methods of creating graphics from a combination of different materials and video feeds. I have really explored random ways of repurposing media on, after effects and using different filters to make a multimedia piece of work. 

VFX for Fabric

VFX for Fabric

The best process for me during this final year was releasing the world I have created on screen. I started off the VFX process of learning how to split up images into 2.5d space (not quite 2d and not fully 3 dimensional) . 

Cosmonaut inspired setCosmonaut inspired set

For my final year film I was heavily influenced by the space pods used by the Russian Cosmonauts in the 1960's. I attended an exhibition during the start of my final year at university at the london science museum and was blown away. Myself and Theatre production and event design student Benny Fung created this innovative set design from scratch using CNC methods with the intention of having the actors in side immersed in the environment. The character that this home belongs to is a stranded teenage boy on a snowy desolate planet. He has no choice but to make himself comfortable in this claustrophobic environment. For the graduate show myself and Benny will be exhibiting the set as an installation piece in the shell which attendees will be able to interact and immersive themselves inside. That's what defines cinema to me: the trickery and immersion of the world.

Project Timelapses

TPE Gradshow Project Showreel

Cloutank: Water experimentsCloutank: Water experiments

This was a second year experiment in which myself, Waheeda Rahman and Mike Kennedy experimented with water, oils, milks and paints. We began the process but cooking 5 gallons of salt water to start whats called the cloutank process. Salt water is added to the bottom of the container whilst fresh water sit on the top. Due to the different density of the water the things dropped in often had a odd yet beautiful reaction.

Black strands

Pink Purple Spin


Red Floats

Yellow mist