Graphics Gold

DMA awards image

Three final year BA (Hons) Graphic Communication students have just struck gold with a win at the DMA Awards in London.

Katie Wells, Roberto Cutrera and Rosie Clarke all took Gold at the annual awards, described as “rewardingly hard to win!”

Their project, entered into the Barclay’s Brief, was to create an advertising campaign based around showcasing their new range of contactless wearables.

Rosie describes the group project in more detail:

All final year Graphic’s students were encouraged to enter the annual competition and Katie, Roberto and Rosie were the lucky group shortlisted for the finals held in London.

Their tutors were all incredibly proud and pleased when the winners were announced and Head of School Nathan Tromans is especially proud of the winning students. 

Commenting on their win he said:

We’ve done well in these awards previously and I’m delighted to see we’re back in the picture here.  So, well done and on behalf of the School.”

You can take a closer look at the student’s work below. 

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