After you apply

Applicant taster days are an important part of the application process for university. You can only come if you've been invited.

That makes them exclusive, for you. They are your chance to suss us out and to make sure you're making the right choice for your future.

Sarah Kilgallon, Student Recruitment Officer (events), organises our applicant visits days and shares her advice of what you can expect from the day.


It's your chance to get to know us better

Choosing a university is a really big deal. You have to make sure you like us and that you'll feel comfortable here. Let’s face it, who wouldn't?!


Meet current students

Get the true picture from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Our current students will be on hand to give you their honest opinions. You'll love what they have to say.


Speak to our finance experts

So there are costs involved in going to university. That's a given, but we promise it's worth it! Our finance team will be at your AVD to answer any questions you may have about funding, scholarships (yes, we have those too), fees, budgeting and anything else you want to ask on all money-related topics.

Meet our current students

Have a tailored campus tour

Missed an important point at the open day? That won't happen at an ATD. With much smaller groups of people, all with the same group of courses in mind, we can really show you the highlights you are interested in, including accommodation if you're leaving home to join us.


One-to-one chat with tutors

Do you want to meet the people who could transform your life over the next few years? That’s exactly what we offer at an ATD. You'll have the chance to quiz our teaching staff personally about the course, previous students’ success, job prospects and more. Go on, grill them!

Life at BCU

Discover more about life at BCU

Pick up all the leaflets, explore the buildings, have lunch at one of the cafés or even head off to the bar - well your guest does need a rest! This is a great opportunity to find out what else is on offer at BCU. It’s not all about study you know. Shhh, don’t tell the academics we said that!


Have a look round our great city

What can we say? We love the place. Don't take our word for it, have a mooch round. With shops, food, culture and entertainment galore take some time to explore where you could be living.


Get answers to all your nagging questions

No matter how silly you think your question is, it's almost certainly been asked before. That's why we have ASK, our one stop shop information hub. They can tell you anything.


Possibly have an interview.*

Some of our courses require you to attend an interview or do an audition before you can be offered a place. This may happen as part of the applicant taster day (ATD).


Take part in a mock tutorial.*

As part of the ATD some of our courses will invite you to take part in some fun learning activities designed to simulate what it's like to be in one of our seminars – small group discussions on a set topic which form part of the learning process. This is a superb chance to be in a higher education learning environment and see what university is really like!

Mock tutorial

*Does not apply to all courses - check online for individual course details.