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Vicky Pryce Speaks One of the key events of the Daphne Street to Home project, led by Professor Morag MacDonald, was the UK Country Seminar, which took place in Birmingham on 14 May 2014.

The guest speaker at the event was Vicky Pryce who generously agreed to deliver a keynote address in her capacity as the author of Prisonomics and patron of Working Chance, a charity that finds quality jobs for ex-offenders.

Vicky drew on her own experiences of imprisonment, which raised awareness of the unfairness and inefficiency of the system and also the stigma surrounding offenders that can prevent them from gaining work on release, and ultimately risk driving them back to offending. Vicky also recounted how she felt luckier than many of the women she met in prison as many did not have a home to return to and risked becoming homeless.

You can download a summary copy of the evaluation report, entitled ‘Breaking the Cycle’.