Policy, Activism and Politics

Psychologists Against Austerity Psychologists Against Austerity (PAA) are a national network of applied psychologists who believe it is their professional and public duty to speak out against the implementation of austerity policies, in view of the considerable evidence that these policies are worsening mental health in Britain.

We are looking to start a regional PAA group in Birmingham in which individuals working across social care and mental health in the area unite to organise and build a campaign against social policies that are toxic for mental health.

  1. To make connections with local activists and groups already fighting the cuts, to determine how our unique psychological skills might be best placed to help existing campaigns
  2. To use these connections and our own research capabilities to document the psychological impact of austerity cuts across communities in Birmingham and the Midlands
  3. To document the pressures of the austerity agenda within our professional lives
  4. To increase our membership and thus the number of local psychologists who view speaking out against austerity as part of their professional duty

Contact Emma Bridger at emma.bridger@bcu.ac.uk for more information.