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  • Dr Panagiotis (Panos) Rentzelas

    Lecturer in Social Psychology

    Dr Panagiotis Rentzelas’ teaching experience of health psychology stems from his long-term interest in applying quantitative social psychology research into health-related policy making. He is especially interested in investigating the role of culture on the efficiency of a psychological intervention.

  • Paraic Scanlon

    Lecturer in Development Psychology

    Dr Paraic Scanlon completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Following this he worked in a centre for special education with children on the Autistic Spectrum before returning to NUI Maynooth for his PhD research.

  • Dr Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler

    Lecturer in Psychology

    Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler completed her PhD in 2012 at the University of Sussex, on “The Contrasting Role of Higher Order Awareness in Hypnosis and Meditation". She is currently working on research projects in creativity and meditation, and on attitudes towards Brexit.

  • Dr Jeffrey Wood

    Lecturer in Psychology

    As a lecturer in Psychology, Dr Jeff Wood is particularly interested in the way people understand language as they read.  Specific interests include conditional language usage, implicit meaning , online processing, research techniques and methods of statistical analysis.

  • Dr Helen Wyler

    Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

    Dr Helen Wyler is a Lecturer in Forensic Psychology, based within the Division of Psychology. Her research interests include deception detection, investigative interviewing, and eyewitness testimony.

35 items found, viewing items 31 to 35.