Dr Steve Garner

Head of Criminology and Sociology

School of Social Sciences
+44 (0)1213004077

Dr Steve Garner has studied and worked around the globe, in countries such as England, France, Ireland, and the USA, focusing on questions such as "What does ‘race’ mean?", "How does racism work?", and "How can racial equality be achieved?".

After finishing his PhD in France, Dr Garner worked outside academia before getting a job at University College Cork, where he stayed for three years before returning to England to work at the University of Western England in Bristol, Aston University, and the Open University, before taking the role of Head of Criminology and Sociology at Birmingham City University.

He has also twice been a visiting professor at the University of Paris-Diderot (in the research unit on Migration and Society); and a distinguished visiting professor at University of California-Los Angeles (in Afro-American Studies).

Dr Garner has written for key journals in his field and published books that are recognized for both substantive contributions to the area and to the teaching on ‘race’: his books ‘Racisms’, and ‘Whiteness’ are used on courses across the world.

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