Dr Katerina Kantartzis

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Lecturer in Applied Psychology

School of Social Sciences
+44 (0)121 313 6441

Dr Katerina graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2007, with a BSc in Psychology. She then went on to start her PhD again at the University of Birmingham. Dr Katerina's PhD looked at language development, and specifically at sound symbolism. Most of her research has focused on 2-3 year olds sensitivity and use of novel sound symbolic words in word learning tasks.

Having completed her PhD, Dr Katerina became a post-doc at the University of Birmingham, working in two different research groups. She worked with Dr. S. Kita looking at 10 month olds' sensitivity to sound symbolism, using habituation techniques. She also worked with Dr. J. McCleery as project manager on his work looking at toddlers at risk of autism. The research used EEG, and play based assessments, cognitive assessment and a number of interventions. 

Following this Dr Katerina worked at Cadbury Sixth Form College, where she was an additional support tutor and focused on the students who experienced social exclusion, such as those with ASD, anxiety, depression etc.

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