Dr Stacey Bedwell

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Level 4 Year tutor BSc Psychology

School of Social Sciences

Stacey is a lecturer in Psychology. Her background is in neuroscience, and her main research interests are in the human prefrontal cortex and associated complex high order functions. Specific interests include complex prefrontal networks, decision making and planning behaviours.

Stacey gained her BSc in psychology in 2008 and MSc in Clinical Psychology in 2010, both from Bangor University. Stacey was awarded her PhD for her work on the anatomical connectivity of the mammalian prefrontal cortex from Nottingham Trent University in 2015. Since completing her Ph.D. Stacey has fulfilled several postdoctoral research roles, investigating prefrontal cortex connectivity and the role of parietal, temporal and motor cortices in cognitive, perceptual and motor processes.

Stacey’s current research is into the development of high order functions, with a specific interest in decision making networks.

Stacey has taught on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules in addition to supervising students in neurophysiology research. Stacey has also spent a number of years providing private tuition in statistics.

Stacey is the author and illustrator of the children’s neuroscience book ‘How does my brain work?’, which has been presented as an interactive workshop and featured in The Psychologist. In addition to research reports, Stacey regularly contributes to publications including The Psychologist and Neuroscience News as well as platforms such as Speaking of Research. Stacey is also a regular reviewer for Neuropsychology.

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