Devinder Rana-Rai

Associate Professor, Director of Teaching, Learning and Quality (School of Social Sciences), Programme Director MSc Health Psychology

School of Social Sciences

Devinder is Programme Director for the BSc (Hons) Psychology course which was validated in 2008. Since then, she has led the development of the course through successful accreditation.    

Devinder's academic interests are in health psychology, where she has completed stage one and is currently in the process of stage two as a health psychologist in training. This involves working with patients and clients across various health settings. 

She is working towards her PhD in the area of clinical health psychology, focusing on the experiences of South Asian cardiac patients during phase one of cardiac rehabilitation. Her interest in health psychology has also been extended to books within the field as well as small pieces of research that have been carried out within this area. 

She is actively involved with quality meetings related to the teaching of psychology, part of which involves attending validation events as well as attending Higher Education Academy in Psychology and the Directors of Psychology.

Devinder is a regular speaker for a local radio station as an invite psychologist, speaking weekly with the local South Asian community about health and mental related psychological matters.

Areas of Expertise