David Forrest

Lecturer in Psychotherapy

School of Social Sciences

As a UKCP registered Psychotherapy with an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy sitting alongside 10 years of teaching experience (Head of Mathematics) and 15 years working in the Legal, Commercial and Industrial sectors as a Business and IT professional David has brought a wealth of life experiences as well as the clinical experience of 10 years of private therapeutic practice with over 4000 client/therapeutic hours.

David has run numerous workshops for Continuing Professional Development for therapists that have covered a wide range of clinical theory and techniques such as The Use of Metaphor and Language; Projective Techniques of Working with SandTray; Creative approaches to Therapy; Brief and Focal Working, as well as Developing Relational Therapy.

David has a particular interest in the Theory of Self; Creative Approaches in the therapy room; and in exploring the Client’s Expression and Language.

Relaxation is with historic novels and biographies alongside science fiction/fantasy. 

Current Activity
Areas of Expertise