STEAMhouse studentships

BCU studentships

Our University-funded projects will provide you with a prestigious opportunity to work alongside leading creative professionals in an innovative environment.

You will also work in one of our newest facilities, STEAMhouse, a creative space located in the city's Digbeth region that will forge new relationships and partnership projects with venues, organisations, artists, festivals and conferences.

Full project details are contained below.


Project title: Floods, rivers and identity

Supervisors: Kathryn Moore, David Proverbs, Peter Larkham

Cultural partners: Environment Agency and Severn Trent (TBC)

Project summary:

We have lost an important connection with the landscape, a way of seeing and understanding its profound significance in our everyday life and culture. This gap in our knowledge is a conceptual void that threatens the landscape in the face of 21st century challenges and is undermining regional aspirations given increasing recognition of the value of the metropolitan landscape in the global battle for talent.

This PHD will contribute to an emerging and significant body of work that hopes to address this crisis by refocusing attention on materiality, re-evaluating the relationship communities have with the land and developing landscape led holistic and integrated approaches to planning, development and change.

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Project title: Towards an Inclusive STEAMhouse - Issues of Equality and Diversity in the Creative Industries

Supervisors: Rajinder Dudrah, Annette Naudin, Kirsten Forkert

Cultural partners: Helga Henry, Director of Organisational Development at Birmingham Hippodrome; Mukhtar Dar and Ian Sergeant, Directors of Kalaboration, Birmingham; Lara Ratnaraja, cultural consultant, Birmingham

Project summary: This project will explore initiatives by Black and minority ethnic communities (BAME) addressing the lack of ethnically diverse representation in the creative industries, ranging from small to medium scale enterprises to larger cultural institutions. It will explore activism, new projects and arts, and humanities-based research.

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Project title: Making Wonderland - the First Thailand Biennale

Supervisors: Joshua JiangLawrence Green

Cultural partners: The Office of Contemporary Arts and Culture (OCAC), Ministry of Culture (Bangkok), and non-HE provincial organisations in Krabi, Thailand

Project summary: This research project focuses on the First Thailand Biennale, set to open in November 2018. This will be staged outdoors on the natural sites in Krabi, and will provide a unique opportunity to study the artistic strategies for developing site-specific work in relation to numerous conflicts. In this project, you will develop an appropriate methodology to collect and analyse the experiences and perceptions of the visitors to the Biennale, and to examine the relationships between art and tourism.

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Project title: Mediating Jazz Festivals - a study of the impact of digital media on artists and audiences at jazz festivals

Supervisors: Nick Gebhardt, Tony Whyton

Cultural partner: Cheltenham Jazz Festival

Project summary: This project is about the impact of digital media technologies on artists and audiences at jazz festivals. The study will serve as an important resource for understanding the changing relationships between artists and audiences at jazz festivals, as well as exploring ways in which festival experiences are mediated by mobile and online environments.

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Project title: Composition within an interdisciplinary setting

Supervisor: Michael Wolters

Partner supervision: Marcus Dross (Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm), Philipp Schulte (Hessische Theaterakademie)

Project summary: If you are interested in researching composition as an equal or leading element in a collaboration or interdisciplinary work, this project will enable you to research those possibilities with the help of Birmingham Conservatoire and Frankfurt LAB. You will assess how a composer can inform and lead a disciplinary process, as well as how a composer's work can be integrated in a collaborative setting.

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Project title: Giving New Life to Old Music - Baroque Vocal Music with Ex Cathedra

Supervisors: Jamie Savan, Shirley Thompson, Graham Sadler, Carrie Churnside  (depending on the choice of repertoire)

Cultural partner: Jeffrey Skidmore (Ex Cathedra)

Project summary: In this project you will work on a discrete body of vocal works of your choosing (in consultation with the project team) from the period c.1580 - 1740, creating critical editions and studying performance practice. You will work with performers from Ex Cathedra, an acclaimed chamber choir.

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Project title: The changing role of the house

Supervisors: Hannah Vowles, David Boyd

Project summary: A house is a significant part of our identity. However, housing is in crisis economically, technologically and environmentally. Now is the time to research the changing role of the house within a post-industrial and postmodern city. You will do this by articulating current theory on the diverse role that current houses possess involving culture, technology and economics.

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Project title: The Holland Collection - exploring a costume collection within its cultural context

Supervisors: Anne Boultwood, Christian Frost

Cultural partner: Pauline Rushton, National Museums Liverpool

Project summary: This is a collaborative project with the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, exploring a costume collection and its cultural context. The Holland Collection is an archive of 30 Edwardian garments belonging to the women of a wealthy merchant family, and has the potential to provide a unique insight into the social and cultural life of Liverpool during a significant period in its history.

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