Centre for Design and Creative Industries

The Centre for Design and Creative Industries is a well-established, interdisciplinary research centre that encompasses a broad range of creative design practices and innovation and external engagement activities.

Whilst we undertake work within the traditional design groupings of architecture, fashion and textiles, jewellery, product design and visual communication, the combination of disciplines housed in the Centre provides an opportunity to build genuinely interdisciplinary design research that addresses complex and emerging themes and challenges.


The centrally important role of design (in its many forms) to economic growth, business development, evolution of new products, and experience and enjoyment of everyday artefacts, services and environments has been recognised increasingly by the academic, business and policy communities in the past 15 years. Indeed, design (especially that in the UK) has never enjoyed a greater and more positive profile.

Our research mirrors the breadth of activities encompassed under the umbrella of 'design', and is positioned at the forefront of international studies in the field. Our researchers, individually and collectively (and in collaboration with an extensive global network of partners) are pushing the boundaries of design research and investigating the most pertinent questions both within and beyond the disciplinary domain.

Our aims are to maintain and build our central role in setting the agenda for future global design practice and scholarship, and to connect our theory, investigation and findings with real-world social, commercial and environmental challenges.

Design research is clustered around five broad themes: Product Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Design Policy and Design-Enterprise Linkages, Human-computer Interface Design and Visual Communications. Further details relating to our activities in each of these fields is available on our research website.

Here you will find links to our individual and domain specific research groups, though it is important to note that we actively encourage multi- and cross-disciplinary projects.

In respect of the Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Programme, we are eager to support and supervise PhD study in the following core areas:

Please note too that we possess the capability to supervise doctoral research in the following domains, and actively encourage applications from prospective students:

  • Typography
  • Visual Communications
  • Photography
  • Archives