Well-being and Environmental Perception

Research in this area focuses on the development and design of innovative multidisciplinary research methodologies: projects focus on person-centred experiential explorations of interaction with everyday environments, considering the unique role of the arts, design and humanities to explore well-being. The group is led by Professor Richard Coles.

Landscape architecture and environmental perception form two key areas of research focus which embrace a number of activities that typically examine the ways we perceive the environment and the responses of the designer. Research is typified by a multi-disciplinary approach working with other institutions across the university sector and partners drawn from the community, practice and other organisations.

The unique qualities of Birmingham, its particular landscape infrastructure, green spaces, canal infrastructure, heritage and diverse population, make it a unique area for research studies with our investigations embracing both natural and man-made environments.

Our specific focus draws on the cross-disciplinary experience of the research team to explore connections between individuals, communities and the environment which are profound, but not necessarily obvious to the professional or always implicit to the individual. These can be revealed by developing spoken or visual narratives made more insightful through shared understanding, developing and improving experiences of well-being.