Shared Values for the Natural Environment

Project Team

This research brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines to consider shared values from perspectives as diverse as philosophy, history, environmental aesthetics, ethics, ecology and economics:

Name Affiliation Expertise
Mark Reed (Principal Investigator) Birmingham City University Interdisciplinary environmental research
Jasper Kenter (Project Manager) University of Aberdeen Ecological economics
Alister Scott Birmingham City University Environmental and spatial planning
Althea Davies (Research Fellow) University of Aberdeen Ecology and environmental archaeology
Andrew Church University of Brighton Human geography
Alan Holland Lancaster University Applied philosophy
Claire Molloy Edge Hill University Media studies
Emily Brady University of Edinburgh Environmental aesthetics
Ioan Fazey University of St Andrews Interdisciplinary environmental research
Katherine Irvine de Montford University Environmental psychology
Liz O’Brien Forest Research Sociology
Mandy Ryan University of Aberdeen Health economics
Mark Everard Pundamillia Consulting Sustainability science
Michelle Pinard University of Aberdeen Tropical forest ecology
Mike Christie Aberystwth University Environmental economics
Neal Hockley Bangor University Economics, policy and conservation
Neil Ravenscroft University of Brighton Land economy
Niels Jobstvogt (Research Assistant) University of Aberdeen Environmental economics and marine science
Nigel Cooper Anglia Ruskin University Environmental ethics, divinity and ecology
Paul Warde University of East Anglia Early modern history
Ros Bryce (Research Fellow) University of Aberdeen Ecology
Verity Watson University of Aberdeen Health economics

We are also supported by an advisory board:

Name Affiliation
Kate Studd Inner Forth Landscape Initiative
Rob Jarman National Trust
Sue Ranger Marine Conservation Society
Sue Williams Countryside Council for Wales