Attached Staff

Current Visiting Researchers

Dr Toofan Haghani Visiting Research Fellow 20011-13

Toofan completed his PhD supervised by Peter Larkham, and is now a practitioner and academic in Tehran. He is working with Peter on publications developing from his thesis.

Dr Joe Nasr Visiting Research Fellow 2007-13 and Leverhulme Visiting Fellow 2002-3

Joe is currently based at Ryerson University, Toronto, and has interests in both post-catastrophe reconstruction and urban agriculture. He has worked with Peter Larkham on reconstruction, most recently with a joint paper in Urban History (2012); he has promoted urban agriculture through a travelling exhibition, "Carrot City", which was held in Birmingham in early 2012. He has been an advisor to Mike Hardman's PhD thesis on guerrilla gardening.

Former Visiting Researchers

Ines Garcia Clariana Visiting Researcher 2012

Ines is with the Departamento de Proyectos, UEM - Centro Adscrito de Valencia, Spain. She visited CESR as part of the Pioneers in Practice: Climate KIC Programme. She has been working on research in sustainability indicators in the development of architectural projects.

Barbora Lipovska Leverhume Visiting Research Fellow 2012

Barbora recently completed her PhD at the Agricultural University of Nitra, Slovakia. She was funded by the Leverhulme Trust for a 9-month stay, working on perceptions and uses of space with particular reference to domestic garden visiting, using the National Gardens Scheme ("Yellow Book") as a case study.

Former Visiting Professors

Alan Wenban-Smith Visiting Professor 2007-12

Alan is a former senior planning practitioner with Birmingham City Council, and has more recently run his own consultancy.

David Seymour Visiting Professor 2007-12

David was previously with the School of Civil Engineering, Birmingham University.

J.W.R. Whitehand Visiting Professor 2007-12

Jeremy is Emeritus Professor of Urban Geography at the University of Birmingham and is still an active researcher, currently working on historic form and conservation of Chinese cities. He is the founding Editor of Urban Morphology.