Division, Resistance & Empowerment

Timm Sonnenschein's solo exhibition of documentary photography explores some of the most controversial political stories of the last decade. 

Highly-charged, emotive and often challenging, Sonnonschein's work offers a sensitive view of our political and social landscape. 

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Architecture, Festival and the City 

Featuring international artists, designers and performers, this vibrant exhibition explores city festivals from around the world.

Curated in association with the Architectural Humanities Research Association.

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brummagem front archive

Brummagem: Lost City Found

Brummagem: Lost City Found offers a personal reflection on Birmingham and its rapidly changing landscape.

Artists Andrew Kulman and Sara Kulman respond to the city’s redevelopment through a series of prints, paper sculptures, artefacts and photography.

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Cold Type Archive

Cold Type: The Years of Paste-up Graphics

Cold Type explores how typing, text and print process have been influenced by the advance of modern technology.

The story of contemporary graphic design and its digital world is told through tools, objects and processes from the last 100 years.

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One Year On Archive

One Year On

One year after their graduation, students from the Arts, Design and Media faculty have been selected to showcase their work.

See some of the fantastic work produced by the university’s students and be inspired by what they have achieved.

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Cabinets of Costume Archive

Cabinets of Costume

Costumes from Birmingham City University’s archive are unveiled in association with the Culture, Costume and Dress conference.

Garments from the last 90 years are presented in theatrical installations that conjure echoes of the physical nature of clothes, the haptic qualities of fabric, and the human creativity that is their production.

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Made in the Middle Archive

Made in the Middle

Made in the Middle showcases some of the best contemporary craft from across the Midlands.

The region’s best artist-makers have been selected to exhibit work that is at the forefront of contemporary craft and applied arts. Their work highlights the breadth and quality of craft and applied arts made in the Midlands.

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Midlands Modern Archive

Midlands Modern

Midlands Modern is a showcase of products manufactured by Midlands-based companies and significant designers between 1930 and 1980. It celebrates the golden-age of manufacture in the Midlands when it maintained its reputation as ‘the workshop of the world.’

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Michael Balcon Archive

Sir Michael Balcon: Birmingham’s Film Knight

Birmingham-born Sir Michael Balcon was a central and outstanding figure in the British film industry for over 50 years.

Sir Michael Balcon: Birmingham’s Film Knight celebrates the work of one of Birmingham’s greatest contributions to cinema and twentieth century culture.

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