Gamer Camp Pro graduate reaches good Climax

Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris wasn’t looking to undertake a postgraduate degree, but after seeing the placement opportunities and industry links Gamer Camp Pro offered, she swiftly changed her mind. It was a decision that paid off, as Jess now works as a visual effects artist for renowned game developers Climax Studios.

Postgraduate Courses

Birmingham City University

“I first came across the course a couple of years ago,” Jess said. “I wasn’t looking to continue in education, but when I found out more information about the course I was amazed; the course boasts amazing industry links and work placement opportunities.”

Jessica soon realised that she had made the right decision, as she was enamoured with Birmingham City University’s cutting-edge facilities. “We had great resources and a really spacious studio,” she said. “The teaching was amazing, and being taught by industry professionals was a great opportunity. Every second I was on the course I felt like a valued student.”

After graduating, Jessica secured work as a visual effects artist at Climax Studios, whose games include Silent Hill: Origins and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, in Portsmouth. “I get to work with virtual reality, working closely with a project team making and providing various visual effects,” she said. “In my spare time I continue working to improve my portfolio, and am constantly trying to become a better visual effects artist within the games industry.”

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