Applicant Taster Days

Applicant Taster Days are by invitation only.

How it works

1You should have received an email on how to register your place.

2You will need the username and password from the email.

Not received an email?

If you've haven’t yet been invited to attend one of our Applicant Taster Days and you have been offered a place to study at Birmingham City University, please let us know.

We'd like to get to know you better!

Two-Year FastTrack Applicant Taster Days at the NTI are designed to give you more information about your course, a chance to meet tutors and students, and the opportunity to see more of our facilities. We hope that you will experience something of the atmosphere of working and learning at the School.

As part of the Two-Year FastTrack undergraduate courses, the Applicant Taster Day will be an opportunity for you to get to know us better and for us to assess your suitability for these exciting but intense courses!

Applicant Taster Day dates

  • Please note dates are to be confirmed for 2018

Please note dates may change due to availability. Please sign in to receive most up to date information.

If you have been invited to the Two-Year FastTrack Applicant Taster Day, the assessment structure will comprise of:

  • a group task where team/interpersonal skills will be observed
  • an interview. Here your discipline-specific skills (Art, Marketing, Programming) will be assessed by an academic member of staff. For this you must bring a portfolio of sample work related to the discipline to which you are applying, along with some written examples of work (so your written skills can be assessed too); without these examples of your work the assessment cannot be carried out. Information on putting together your portfolio is on the tab. furthermore, the interview will include questions from the Course Director that will assess you from a number of high-level perspectives.

When you leave the Two-Year FastTrack Applicant Taster Day, you will be given a discipline-specific home test to take away with you, which must be completed and returned within a specified time frame (this will be specified and agreed at the Applicant Taster Day). This is your chance to show us what you can do and will help us make a final decision on your application.

Our assessments on the day, whilst stringent, will mean that we get to know you better and that you will also be in a good position to make a decision about us and your future. Once we have made a decision on your application, this will be confirmed formally via UCAS.

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