City leader unveils new model campus as Birmingham City University leads the way


Mike Whitby and Professor David Tidmarsh unveil campus model

Leader of Birmingham City Council, Mike Whitby, has unveiled a model of Birmingham City University's flagship campus as part of a public showcase highlighting the scheme's latest developments.

Cllr Mike Whitby (below right) and Professor David Tidmarsh (below left), Vice-Chancellor at Birmingham City University, unveiled a new architect's model of the exciting scheme to be built at the Eastside regeneration zone in Birmingham's city centre.

Birmingham City University is working in partnership with Birmingham City Council and Advantage West Midlands to bring new life to the Eastside area of the city, providing educational opportunities to thousands of people throughout the region and beyond.

The detailed model, plus the latest images and designs, have all gone on public display, as well as being part of an exhibition to be shown to Birmingham City University students.

New Eastside area

Cllr Whitby said: "This showcase gives a real flavour of how this proposed scheme is taking shape. This is a flagship development for Birmingham and will add immeasurably to the city's cultural and education offer.

"The complex will be boosted by the addition of our City Park and when completed the entire Eastside site will add a new dimension to our city centre.

"The Eastside location is one of the largest regeneration plots in the UK and the new Birmingham City University campus is ensuring that despite difficult times the pace of change and momentum of development in the city continues to the benefit of the city and the entire region."

Mark Alexander, Advantage West Midlands' team leader for the Eastside, said: "The proposed Birmingham City University campus is of a scale that will really enhance the regeneration in the east of the city.

"The new buildings will complement the other educational facilities in the area and sit alongside offices, residential, leisure and retail developments planned for the area adjacent to the City Park.

"Through the University's public showcase events we hope local people have been impressed with what is being done - and lend their support to this truly exciting project."

Planning permission granted

Outline planning permission has been granted and further detailed proposals for the new campus are due to be submitted to the city planners in early November for planning approval.

Vice-Chancellor Professor David Tidmarsh added: "Our new campus project is pivotal to the Eastside regeneration scheme and aims to create acentre for cultural and creative activities with a world-class reputation."

The state-of-the-art development will include fully operational television studios, a library, performance theatre, 250-seat lecture theatre and a learning resource centre. Incorporated inside the iconic campus buildings will be cutting edge technologies to enhance the student experience and support business engagement.

This online facility features an image gallery which reflects the vision for the state-of-the-art building and also takes visitors on a virtual fly-through of the ambitious Eastside project, of which the new campus will be a pivotal part.


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