Dr Inger-Lise Kalviknes Bore

Senior Lecturer

Birmingham School of Media
+44 (0)121 331 5676

Inger-Lise Bore is a Senior Lecturer in Birmingham School of Media.

She joined the University in 2009 after completing a PhD in television studies at Cardiff University. Her doctoral work explored the significance of gender and nationality in audience engagement with British and Norwegian TV comedy. Inger-Lise has an MA in television studies from the University of Bristol, and a BA (Hons) in journalism, film and broadcasting from Cardiff University. Before taking up her post at Birmingham City University, Inger-Lise taught at both Cardiff and Bath Spa University.

Inger-Lise is the author of Screen Comedy and Online Audiences (2017, Routledge), and she has published work on comedy audiences, fandom and climate change communication. She leads our MA in Screen Studies, supervises PhD students and BA dissertations, and teaches the undergraduate module Comedy in Media and Popular Culture. She welcomes postgraduate research applications focusing on popular comedy, media audiences or fandom. Inger-Lise is member of the Screen Cultures research group, the Centre for Media and Cultural Research, and the editorial board of the Journal of Gender Studies.

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Areas of Expertise
  • Television
  • Screen audiences
  • Humour and comedy
  • Screen comedy
  • Environmental communication

Inger-Lise Bore's research focuses primarily on audiences and media users, including audience engagement with comedy, online practices and fandom. She is particularly interested in how audiences articulate cultural identities through their engagement with screen texts and how they evaluate films and TV programmes. Two of the key issues she has focused on are perceptions of women in comedy, and of national and transnational comedy.

More recently, she has examined how comedy audiences use different online spaces to discuss, review and play. Much of her work is collaborative, and involves colleagues from the Screen Cultures research group and from other universities. This includes a project (with Jon Hickman) on how The West Wing fans use Twitter to perform as characters from the show while engaging with real-world current affairs, as well as a study (with Dr Rebecca Williams, University of South Wales) of how an online community of Norwegian Twilight fans negotiated their position on the periphery of global Twilight fandom.

Inger-Lise's work has so far been disseminated through the monograph Screen Comedy and Online Audiences, as well as journal articles, conference papers and blog posts.


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