Media students treated to Magical Mystery Tour

Media Magical Mystery Tour- students

Final-year Birmingham School of Media students were recently treated to an exciting Magical Mystery Tour, which saw them explore new locations, focusing on media industries of interest and how they operate outside of Birmingham.

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Students were asked to arrive with a fully charged phone before being given a ‘golden ticket’, which divided them into three teams: Red, Blue and Yellow. These teams were then boarded on to separate coaches and taken to either Manchester, Liverpool or Bristol.

Having spent the past two-and-a-half years acquainting themselves with media in Birmingham, the trip was a chance for students to visit some other media cities and to start considering how they fit into the wider media landscape, where their skills and ideas will find a home.

On the day, they were provided with a series of tasks, and took to Twitter to document their experience. The tasks were designed to encourage students to think creatively about their mystery location, sharing photos, videos and messages that captured the moment and offered an insight into each city. 

Bristol task- media magical mystery tour-2018
Bristol magical mystery tour- landscape- media 2018

Photos by Tom Hall @imtomhall 

Ella, the Student Success Adviser for Birmingham School of Media, remarked:

She joined the ‘Red’ group in Manchester where they visited Media City. Media City is home to a number of media and creative organisations such as BBC and ITV and students had the opportunity to meet with staff from the BBC, including Production Managers and Trainee and Apprenticeship Managers to find out more about working for the BBC, and preparing for work within the media industry.

Magical Mystery tour 2018- media city- 350x263
Bristol magical mystery tour- media 2018

In Bristol, the ‘Blue’ group visited a small creative community called Pervasive Media Studio. The Studio consisted of different creatives, creating community-led projects in a range of media forms such as VR, audio storytelling and social media communications.

BA (Hons) Media and Communication student Tom Hall commented on how the visit gave him a better understanding of the different career paths students can take after graduating and how useful it was to see a different media community:

Whilst the day was informative, it was also a chance for students to take a break from their third year projects and have some well-deserved fun. In Liverpool, the ‘Yellow group’ visited various cultural institutions including the Museum of Liverpool and the Cavern Club.  BA (Hons) Media and Communication student Ryan Sharman commented:

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