Human rights

The School of Law’s interest in human rights law covers the domestic, European and International jurisdictions. In particular we have specific interests in:

  • The right to life and the value of life
    The School undertakes research on behalf of the UK Governments’ Foreign and Commonwealth Office and acts as an advisor to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs to the European Union as well as being actively involved in research and training on attitudes to, and the administration of, the death penalty in the USA and the Council of Europe. The research also covers the role of private international law in controlling threats to the right to life from individuals and corporations.
    Supervisor: Prof Jon Yorke. Reader in Law.
  • Equal protection and discrimination, especially in the context of education and environmental protection

Evolving global human rights

Research into the death penalty in the Centre for American Legal Studies (CALS) has raised awareness of issues around the death penalty, and influenced related policy and practice around the world.

CALS has advised European Commission of the European Union, and reviewed the jurisprudence of the Council of Europe's European Court of Human Rights on the death penalty. This has informed the on-going legal project to remove capital punishment in the European regions.

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