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The School is committed to developing teaching and learning strategies that develop students' legal knowledge and awareness in a practical and relevant way.

One example is our Virtual Solicitors’ Office (VSO); an open access, online resource providing students with the opportunity to engage in problem based scenarios, which relate directly to the sort of cases solicitors may come across in practice.

Students who use the virtual office can immerse themselves in legal transactions and problems as a trainee solicitor may do. As well as using this resource to support the learning that goes on in the classroom, the Virtual Solicitors' Office also gives students an insight into how an office works, how personalities involved may impact on the practice and what they can expect when they begin their legal careers.

Here's what our students have to say:

  • "Gives a good insight of how you would deal with client enquiries."
  • "Gives an insight of real issues raised to help us in the future."
  • "An interesting and new way of accessing materials. Easy to access and fun to explore."
  • "It is a different way of learning."
  • "It mimics “real” law and situations, showing how and why we are supposed to deal with practical issues."
  • "It aids learning as it is interactive and is easy to engage with."

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