Dr Haydn Davies

Associate Professor and Director of Research

School of Law
+44 (0)121 331 6703

PhD in Biochemistry 1988; LLB (Hons) 1998.

Teaching and research environmental protection (both technology and law) since 1990s.

Currently assistant vice chair of the UK Environmental Law Association and co-convenor of the Welsh Working Party.

Provided written and oral evidence to the Welsh Assembly on it major legislative initiative on environmental protection on three occasions.

Areas of Expertise
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Environmental Policy and Law in Wales
  • Relationship between Human Rights and Environmental Protection

BSc (Hons) (Biochem) University of Wales
PhD (Biochem) University of Wales
PgDip (Electronic Manufacture) (Distinction) Birmingham Polytechnic
LLB (Hons) University of Central England

  • UK Environmental Law Association
  • Society of Socio-Legal Studies

UKELA is an organization primarily made up of environmental lawyers (from both branches of the profession) together with some academics and environmental consultants. There are also a large number of student members.

  • LLB
  • LLM International Human Rights
  • LLM International Business Law
  • LLM Planning Law
  • Environmental Justice
  • Relationship between human rights and environmental protection
  • Climate change law

Peer-reviewed and Edited Publications 

Davies, H. Equal Protection and Environmental Justice: A Matter of Unconscious Injustice? in Controversies in US Constitutional Law – Equal Protection. Richardson Oakes, A (ed) Ashgate Publishing (2015) pp.275-290. 

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Conference Papers and Other Publications 

Davies H. Developments in Environmental Protection Law in Wales. Accepted for publication in next issue of Environmental Law and Management (2015). 

Davies H. Environmental Law and Statutory Duties. Paper delivered at the Annual Conference of the UK Environmental Law Association, Liverpool University, 3-5th July, 2015. 

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Invited Panel Member: Wales Keynote Forum on Sustainability. 27th March 2014. Radison Hotel, Cardiff. 

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Davies, H. Creating Legal Rights for Future Generations. Paper presented 23rd Jan 2014 at the 10th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability. Split, Croatia 22-24th January 2014. 

Davies, H. The Future Generations Bill – a critical appraisal. Paper presented at the Legal Wales Conference, Cardiff City Hall. Friday 11th October 2013 (in the presence of Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas). 

Davies, H. The Wales Sustainable Development Bill. Paper presented at the Sustainability Session of the UK Environmental Law Association Annual Conference, Homerton College, Cambridge 12-14 July 2013. Published in Environmental Law and Management. 

Davies, H. Shale Gas in Wales – Fracking and the Future. Agenda (Magazine of the Institute of Welsh Affairs). (Autumn edition, 2013). 

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A Review of the Problems Associated with Diesel Exhaust Particulates and the Available Methods for the Extraction of the Adsorbed Hydrocarbon Fraction. Smith, A.H., Tidmarsh, D.H., Davies H., Wilcocks, M. presented at Autotech-95, NEC, 7-9 November 1995. 

Acclimation of thylakoid membrane lipids to changes in incident light. Davies, H. Harwood, J.L. & Jordan B. (1987) J. Experimental Botany.

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