Hannah Gorman

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Associate Director, Centre for Human Rights

School of Law
+44 (0)121 331 6431

Hannah is the associate director of the Centre for Human Rights at Birmingham City University’s Law School, working on strategic litigation and policy issues related to access to justice and the rule of law, around the world.  She also sits within the Centre for American Legal Studies assisting with death penalty and juvenile justice matters. 

Hannah formerly co-directed/founded the law school’s Pro Bono Unit and is especially interested in clinical legal education.  She previously practised criminal and public law as a solicitor-advocate in the UK and spent time in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Oregon working on capital cases. More recently, she spent time working in South-East Asia and the Middle East focusing on similar types of work. 

She has worked with the United Nations, European Union, foreign governments and local legal teams to provide international law advice and effective assistance to juveniles and those facing the death penalty around the world. Hannah is currently working at the Florida Center for Capital Representation at Florida International University’s College of Law (FCCR). She leads the FCCR’s state-wide research and assists legal teams with capital cases at pre-trial stage.

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