Student’s eyewear designs portray a society of surveillance


A postgraduate student at Birmingham City University is being recognised for her innovative eyewear designs, inspired by what she calls a ‘lack of freedom’ in today’s society.

22 year-old Shuming Chen, from Hangzhou in China, recently saw her work showcased at London Fashion Week after menswear designer Harry Xu spotted Shuming’s work and wanted to collaborate.

Describing her ‘Monitoring in the Dark eyewear’, Shuming said: “People cannot guarantee whether their privacy is protected anymore and humans lack freedom in our society today.

School of Jewellery

Birmingham City University

“In my work I attempt to combine daily life with the science and technology of the future. I exaggerate issues that happen around us to envision what may happen in the future and I like to investigate the effects of modern technology on people.”

Shuming is currently studying a Master’s degree in Jewellery and Related Products at Birmingham City University’s internationally-renowned School of Jewellery.

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