Learn to design and create your own jewellery with summer workshops in the City


Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery is set to host a series of short courses and workshops this summer for budding designers and those wanting to master their craft skills.

From 27 June and throughout July, over 20 short courses will be running at the internationally renowned School of Jewellery, founded in 1890 and the largest jewellery school in Europe.

Jewellery Short courses

Birmingham City University

Courses are available at intermediate and advanced levels, as well as courses running at beginner level for those who have little or no experience of working with jewellery.

Transforming a piece of silver into jewellery, building a jewellery business online and designing jewellery using iPads are some of the activities included in courses on offer.

Frank Cooper, manager of the Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre at the School of Jewellery, said: “The short courses give an opportunity to any person involved in the jewellery world or other creative industries to learn highly specialised techniques and approaches in a relatively short and concentrated time frame.

For more information on the School of Jewellery’s summer short courses, contact Diana McCann on 0121 248 4584 / diana.mccann@bcu.ac.uk.

Jewellery and Silversmithing Summer Short Courses brochure 2016

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