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Arriving in the UK

If your luggage is lost at Birmingham airport these steps will help you to be reunited with your bags.

  1. Try not to panic - staff at the airport will be able to help 
  2. Wait at the luggage carousel until the entire luggage from your flight has come through. Check the areas near the carousel - if you were delayed at immigration, then your luggage may have already been unloaded.
  3. Ask for Arvin Aviation desk or call +44 (0)121 767 7771 and tell the working staff member that your luggage has not arrived. You will then be asked for the following items, so have them ready:

    •     Your flight ticket which has the luggage receipts and flight details

    •     A description of the missing luggage

    •     Your address in the UK (The airport official may use this address for any correspondence or for forwarding your luggage)

  4. The official may be able to find out where your luggage is at that moment in time or you may have to wait for further notice.
  5. Once the official has taken all your details, he/she will explain the procedures for dealing with lost luggage and will give you a reference number and a telephone number for you to ring for any news. Alternatively they may give you a web address.
  6. Ask the official for a free emergency overnight kit which contains toiletries e.g. toothbrush etc. Please note that only some airlines provide this.
Do not leave the airport without following steps 3 and 5 otherwise you will not get your luggage or any compensation.