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Department of Practice Learning

We help you to make the most of the Faculty's practical learning environments


There are three elements to our role:

Placement Allocations

We work in conjunction with our practice partners to arrange your practice learning opportunities in line with the requirements of your programme. Practice learning opportunities are arranged with practice partners throughout the local region and nationally depending on your programme. Students will be expected to travel to any placement offered in the local region.

Placement Quality

We liaise with practice partners who will advise on suitability of practice learning opportunities and ensure that they meet educational standards; you are also expected to evaluate each practice learning opportunity which we review and feed back to the practice area.

Our “assessor of excellence” nomination scheme allows you to highlight specific practice staff that have provided you with exceptional support and guidance.

Students are encouraged and supported to raise any concerns they have whilst in practice with us.

We regularly liaise with agencies external to the University who monitor and maintain standards.

Placement Support (learning and assessment)

We liaise with and support both students and practice partners around all issues relating to all elements of practice education and the practical assessment process.

We are available to be contacted with any issues students and practice staff have in relation to practice learning and are happy offer advice and guidance where needed.

The Department of Practice Learning has excellent relationships with our practice partners and works hard to ensure you experience the appropriate opportunities and support needed to meet the requirements of your programme.

We also have a Disability Tutor to help and support you throughout your programme.

To access our support, please contact us

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