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Continuing Professional Development in the Workplace

health business and innovation learningWe now offer university standard learning in the convenience of the workplace.

Whether you are involved in the corporate, public, voluntary or SME sector, we can help you to provide accredited professional development for your staff in a range of subjects.

Work based learning

If you currently run courses for your staff within health trusts or any health care organisation, we can work with you to develop appropriate course materials and ensure it meets our standards for accreditation.

Part of the support we provide will be an Academic Advisor. This will be a member of the Faculty’s academic team, who will support you in developing the initial proposal for accreditation.

On approval they will be your ongoing support, providing advice and guidance as you progress.

High quality health care education

A major part of the Academic Advisor’s role will to help in meeting the quality requirements of the University. The Faculty prides itself on high-quality health care education and you will play a part in that with your programme.

When staff complete the course they gain University credits, which can be accumulated into formal qualifications if they take further modules of study.

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