Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

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3D Floor Plan Gives Hospital Launch a Head Start

The Client

University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB).


The UHB Trust collaborated with us to facilitate the launch of its new hospital development, which was to be Birmingham’s first new acute hospital for 70 years. The development was undertaken in partnership with Consort, Balfour Beatty and Haden Building Management.


UHB and the University worked together under a one-year KTP agreement.

KTP aims

The Trust required a technological solution to the logistical challenges faced by both staff and visitors in navigating around the new hospital building. Efficient patient care within an unfamiliar environment necessitated that staff were able to orientate quickly and could assist patients and visitors in negotiating their new surroundings as effortlessly as possible. A system was required for training in advance of relocation as well as when the building became operational.

A secondary aim was to track equipment around the new building, from electrocardiograms to defibrillators, to maintain operational efficiency and ensure clinical safety.

The results

A fully interactive 3D virtual model of the hospital was developed by our graduate Jeethan Koshy, under the academic supervision of the Head of our School of Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Systems.

Through the model, 6,000 staff were able to familiarise themselves with the layout of the building. The interface also links through to a bar-coded system on-site that automatically registers patients and provides them with a virtual ‘walk-through’ guide, enabling them to find the relevant department with minimum delay. The system can also be used for scenario-based learning, such as fire drills, major incident training and emergency cardiac team training.

In addition, the team devised a real-time radio frequency identification location system to monitor the whereabouts of clinical equipment and other assets, enabling them to be pinpointed quickly. The system also facilitates accurate inventory control and equipment maintenance, helping to reduce theft and loss and adding to patient care.