Health informatics

Health informatics may be defined as the ‘understanding, skills and tools that enable the sharing and use of information to deliver healthcare and promote health’ (BMIS, 2002). As the healthcare environment is changing and technology plays an increasingly important role in healthcare delivery then our graduates must be able to obtain and manage information to support the clinical decision making process. The Faculty of Health has acknowledged this and has worked with the Department of Health (DH) to help build capacity in this area.

We now have access to a wide range of online informatics learning resources that can be used by staff and students to update and extend their current knowledge of health informatics. Many of these resources which are available from the Connecting for Health website have been developed in collaboration between BCU and the Department of Health.

To register for the e-learning modules, contact , or just take a guest tour by following the link to: Select ‘Learning tools’ to access a suite of modules relating to Health Informatics

For further details of the work the Faculty of Health has conducted in this area, please email Nicola Bartholomew.