Emma Shipley

Emma Shipley staff

Award-winning textile designer

Graduated in 2008

Emma Shipley is an exceptionally talented and creative textile designer and illustrator who has already achieved great things in the four years since she graduated from the University with her BA (Hons) Textile Design.

She has won a number of awards for her work, which has been described as ‘astonishingly skilful and distinctive’, and received international acclaim. Her exquisite drawings feature wild animals and botanical plants in intricate, imaginative designs.

Her wallpaper collaboration with fashion and homeware store Anthropologie has launched in the USA and UK and includes designs based on the theme of time travel. Emma has also been working as a print, material and colour consultant for Jaguar Land Rover.

She has drawn inspiration from places as diverse as Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens through to her travels to the Amazon jungle and a safari in Africa. Emma takes photographs, rather than working from life, and uses a lot of different sources to develop her imaginative creations.